Medical Schools From Sudan

Supervisor: Sawsan Zeinedin, Contact:

You can find the group for medical students interested in participating here.

To stay up to date with our local activities take a look at our Facebook page.

Board of Coordinators:

■ AUW:
School visits: Reem Abdelrhman
Public relations: Wisal Khalid
Fund raising: May Ibrahim
■ Bahri University
School visits: Rehab yousif
Public relations: Nidhal Isam
Fund raising: vacant
■ Khartoum University
School visits: Mazin Ahmed
Public relation: Arwa Mohammed
Fund raising: vacant
■Omdurman Islamic University
School visits: Ahmed sayed
Public relation: Samar Abdulbari
Fund raising: Mohammed Alhadi

Interested schools: Just contact us via e-mail:


Sawsan Zeinedin (Supervisor of Education Against Tobacco in Sudan)


Group picture of Education Against Tobacco Sudan

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