Campinas State University (UNICAMP), Brazil

Supervisor: Camila Gomes Martins

Academic mentor: Prof. Dra. Mônica Corso Pereira (MD, Pulmonologist, PhD) and Prof. Dra Gisele Nunes Yonezawa (MD, Pulmonologist).


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First row: students Amanda, Camila and Edlaine. Second row: students Beatriz and Sayros. Third row: Prof. Dra. Mônica and Prof. Dra. Gisele. Campinas State University Medical School, Brazil.

Board of coordinators:

Public relations: Amanda Henrique Coltro

School visits: Edlaine da Rocha Duarte

Curriculum improvement: Beatriz Amorim da Costa

Fund raising: Sayros Akyro Soares Martins

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