1) Curriculum: All information needed for the classroom visit


EAT new classroom Workshop (2017)

EAT former classroom Workshop (2014)

Portugese (Portugal, Brazil):

EAT Workshop – Portugese Translation (2018)

Filipino (Philippine):

EAT Workshop – Filipino Translation (2018)

Bahasa Melayu ( Malaysia):

EAT Workshop – Bahasa Melayu Translation (2018)


2) NEW: Workshop for Smoking Cessation

EAT Workshop Smoking cessation (2018)

EAT Workshop Smoking cessation (2018, pdf)


3) Worksheets: Smokers’ face and body

Download worksheet1 (face)

Download worksheet2 (body)


4) Posters Smokerface (high resolution PDF):

male poster (DIN A1) female poster (DIN A1)



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