EAT UFJ: the first group founded in the state of Goiás – central-western region of the country

EAT UFJ was recently founded at Federal University of Jataí (UFJ), Jataí – GO- Brazil. Our interview with the group leaders, Juan and Prof. Dr Danielly Leite, follows below.

1. Juan, please introduce yourself and tell us what motivated you to found EAT at UFJ?

My name is Juan Felipe Galvão da Silva, I´m a medical student at Federal University of Jataí. The high smoking prevalence in Jataí among adolescents had motivated me to found EAT at UFJ, intending to promote and stimulate awareness about the risks of using tobacco derivatives and how to quit this practice.    

2. Juan, it’s the first time that we will have an EAT group in the State of Goias. What is the smoking prevalence in your city among adolescents?

Firstly, we are extremely honored to be the state’s first EAT. In Goiás, for every 1000 people evaluated, 6.4 are active smokers. However, in our city, there is no data on the prevalence of smoking among adolescents, even though empirical data indicate a high consumption of tobacco derivatives among young people in Jataí.

3. What are the plans for the future of the EAT project at UFJ?

Due to the underreporting of epidemiological data on the tobacco consumption in Jataí, we aim to conduct a study about the prevalence of tobacco use among teenagers of Jataí. Likewise, we will establish partnerships with schools’ principals to promote actions of knowledge among adolescents. Furthermore, we will accomplish health’s promotion through the distribution of printed materials in Basic Health Unity where Medicine Course at Federal University of Jataí acts and we will spread on social media about the risk of tobacco consumption.

4. Prof. Dra Danielly Leite, as a doctor with experience in Family and Community Medicine, how do you think EAT contributes to the professional formation of medical students?

The purpose of the family physician is to know and help people throughout their lives, within their context and complexities, thereby preventing future diseases and health problems. As we know, smoking is the main preventable cause of death and illness in the world, thus, through the EAT, we can contribute to the promotion and prevention of adolescents’ health.

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