University of Western Paulista (UNOESTE), Brazil

Presidente Prudente Campus

Supervisor: Vanessa Laura dos Santos

Academic mentor: Prof. Dr Murillo Salviano de Oliveira Barros (MD, Pulmonologist).

Academic mentor: Prof. Dr. Guilherme Henrique Dalaqua Grande (Physiotherapist -Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy).

Contact: .

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First row: students Vanessa, Isabele and Karen. Second row: students Maria and Nathália. Third row: Prof. Dr. Murillo and Prof. Guilherme. School of Medicine at University of Western Paulista (UNOESTE), Brazil.

Board of coordinators:

Public relations: Isabele Tamamaru

School visits: Nathália M. Á. de Robertis

Curriculum improvement: Maria Gabriela Rodrigues

Fund raising: Karen Sato

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