Start a group.

Becoming part of the international EAT- network

  1. Inform yourself about the project: Click here.
  2. Contact the international coordinators or join the supervisor facebook-group to anounce your local foundation.

Founding a Group at your University

  1. Tell medical students at your medical school that you are founding Education Against Tobacco by posting into your classes facebook group or via the student council’s mailing list.
  2. Create a closed facebook Group and name it “EAT: (Name of your medical school), Education Against Tobacco“.
  3. Add fellow medical students to your group and organize a first group meeting. Prepare yourself with the help of the Material provided by EAT.

Use social media

  1. Start a facebook- page for documenting the progress of your group. Name it “EAT: (Name of your medical school), Education Against Tobacco“. You are invited to use our Logo and our facebook cover image and, if you want, upload our introductory video as a first post to introduce the project (you can download it here; just make a right click and press “save file as”). The international coordinator will help you with this. 

Your first School visit/ awareness campaign

  1. Contact schools: The first one is usually the hardest – do not give up! Eventually, a faculty from your university will support you.
  2. Do you have the first school visit arranged? Good! Invite the press and tell the story of your local foundation. This helps for local reputation and future school contacts.
  3. All materials for your school visits are freely available right here. If you have any questions, just post them in the group of supervisors at facebook. All materials can be translated into all languages for free via the service

Your local Group is growing

  1. While your group is growing, you need to improve your structures. Read here how big groups organize themselves successfully: (click here)
  2. Contact other universities in your country. Tell them your experiences with the project and help them to found EAT at their university, too.


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