Structure of EAT groups.

The local EAT board of directors of each medical school consists of a supervisor and four coordinators. Mostly first year medical students hold these positions for usually about a school year and elect their successors thereafter. This process makes the local project sustainable. In local practice one complements each other. The depicted structure is a helpful measure for orientation.


  • Founder of the local EAT group or successor of the founder.
  • Helps the coordinators when things are unclear.
  • Takes first steps, initiates and sustains the local structure.
  • Leads the local team and helps out.

Coordinator for public relations:

  • Ensures consecutive reports on the local facebook page for public relations
  • Invites the press on a regular basis to school activities or other events
  • Introduces the project to the new first year students

Coordinator for school visits:

  • Collaboration with local schools
  • Initiating new partnerships between local schools and EAT
  • Coordination of the volunteering medical students (training, scheduling, doodle)

Coordinator for science-based curriculum improvement:

  • Presentation of publications on tobacco prevention and discussion within the team (e.g.
  • Sharing of novel publications within the worldwide network here (contact admin)
  • Adapting local interventions and curriculum to the current state of the art.

Coordinator for fundraising and events:

  • Raises money for local group activities
  • Organises local activities such as common sport events or other spare time activities to ensure group dynamics
  • Takes care of financial questions and manages a local bank account which is independent from the global EAT project
  • Charges the schools about 25 USD per classroom visit
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