Irma Ramic founds EAT in Bosnia and Herzegovina

New Education Against Tobacco group in Bosnia and Herzegovina!
Founder: Medical student Irma Ramic (23 years old; photo)

Medical student Irma Ramic (23)

Medical student Irma Ramic (23)

Irma, what motivated you to start the project?

“There is a saying in my country: You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. In my opinion it’s important to start educating children at a very young age about what’s good and what’s bad for their health and to do this in an age appropriate and interesting way of course. Smoking starts like a bad habit but fastly it turns into addiction.“

What’s the prevalence of smoking in your home country?

“In Bosnia and Herzegovina prevalence of cigarette use among youth is 11,7% and among adults daily cigarette use is 35,2%. So it’s a big problem in my country. :/”

How did your colleagues react to your initiative?

“My colleagues are excited and they love it. Working with children is an unforgetable experience. They can’t wait for September to start with the project. If you want to join us, just click on the link to get more info:

Irma Ramic is a 4th year student at Medicine Faculty ,University of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Interview: Titus Brinker