Medical student Abdullahi Umar Chara founds Education Against Tobacco in Nigeria

Abdullahi Umar Chara is a medical student from Nigeria and just decided to counteract adolescent tobacco use in his country.

Abdullahi, what motivates you to found Education Against Tobacco?

“The idea of being able to assist in a health campaign against a completely preventable problem. In the process, it would help save my country’s scarce resources that would be used in treating problems resulting from tobacco.”

What are the major problems with tobacco use in Nigeria?

“Increased burden on the already stretched health sector.
Increased incidence of chronic diseases and malignancies.
Socioeconomic problems.”

What is the prevalence of smoking in Nigeria?

“The prevalence of smoking is about 7%.
About 70% were already smoking by 18 years.
About 8 million Nigerians smoke.
Note: There’s still a problem with sufficient and conclusive data.”

What are your future plans?

“Expand our network and reach.
Establish temporary and permanent fund.
Get the first school visit.
Carefully involve others schools in different regions within the country.
Involvement of other media outfit in the campaign. Say a TV programme or a radio programme.”

Which schools in Nigeria will you try to involve?

“All the medical schools within the country that are recognised by our regulatory body. However, I intend to start with the following schools besides mine:
Ahmadu Bello University.
University of Lagos.
University of Jos.
Nnamdi Azikwe University.
University of Portharcourt.”

When will you start your first school visit?

“In September/October of 2015.”

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