4° International Supervisors’ online meeting (09/2018)

4° International Supervisors’ online meeting with Cláudia Oliveira, Sayeda Nazmun Nahar, Zlatko Božić and Benedikt Gaim!

In a very productive conference, we discussed, among other things, how to motivate members for activities, which target groups our program is aimed at and how we can further improve international cooperation. Big compliment to Claudia: Her group in Lisbon was able to carry out 24 school visits last year with a team of more than 20 mentors! Thanks to Zlatko who translated our materials into Serbian and is working hard to revive the group at his university in Novi Sad. All the best for the restart! And also all the best to Sayeda: As the new group leader in Dhaka, she will continue the successful work of the group and together with a strong team she will do important prevention both in free schools as well as in priveliged schools!

Thank you all for your great and dedicated work! Keep it up!