Dual leadership at the Medical Faculty Bochum: Sonja Wolff takes over leadership tasks

Sonja Wolff (21 years, photo) is a young preclinical student from Bochum who along with her medical studies, is also working on her first novel, composing music, acting and – of course – educating students at AGT. Since a few days ago she has taken over leadership tasks, and with the founder Minh Vu constitutes the Group Leadership of Bochum AGT.



Sonja, why do you invest time in the AGT? What motivates you?


“I believe that every medical student – along with all other reasons- is also idealistically motivated when he commences his studies. At least that’s the case with me. I just want to bring a bit more health consciousness into this world. I find the AGT project incredibly promising and valuable, because in my opinion, ignorance or lack of self-reflection rank among the most unnecessary factors for the fact that someone smokes and does himself no good. Thus a possibility is created, to speak about outstanding issues related to smoking and be informed. Many people would never analyze this issue independently and really come to grips with it. I am glad that in the framework of AGT I have the chance to reach out to such people and educate them. This education is also very important for students who are still so young. If the trend continues, that children start smoking, in 40 years there would be devastating consequences for the pulmonology, oncology and of course the world of work! And if I can contribute a tiny part in ensuring that this does not happen, I would be the first to shout “here”. ”


What are your previous experiences?

“So far in Bochum, we have not yet had many appointments with schools. Unfortunately, it is always very difficult in the initial phase, but we are working on it. The experiences that I have been able to gather have been incredibly fulfilling. One can, with so little effort, stimulate so many young people to think and feel the dynamism that develops in the corresponding class. Young people are interested, open-minded and I have the feeling that they have not given much thought earlier to a lot of things which we explain, and at the end of the day, see things differently. And I want to emphasize that I do not want to persuade or lecture anyone at any point of time. Every adult person has responsibility for his own body and if he decides to smoke, then that is so. But this decision should be based on a sound knowledge base – that’s all that I can achieve and want to achieve “.


How does your social circle react to your involvement?

“Divided. Some of them cannot understand my enthusiasm for the subject and do not see the value I get for the time I invest. But that is not so important to me, because I have fun doing this and look forward to future projects! ”


What are your plans for the future?

“As for me personally, I wish to complete my studies successfully and gather all the experience I can get.

Very often, I have a very strong feeling that I must outgrow myself to achieve my goals, but this constant growth, sometimes falling flat on my face and pulling myself together again, to manage it in the end, is what brings me further.

This means for my plans: I have them and they are great. But I also know that improvisation is everything. When I reach the goal that I have set myself in the beginning, I find myself one day in anesthesiology and emergency medicine in a large hospital again and let that fill me with enthusiasm.”