EAT Around The World I: EAT Brazil

In this very difficult period of our lives, it is of the utmost importance that we remain more united than ever.

We are starting now a section called EAT Around The World, where we will show the incredible work of teams from various countries in the fight against tobacco!

Today, we will talk about EAT Brazil! Founded in 2016, it is made up of 12 active teams, with more in training. Highlighted in the media and the winner of several prizes, EAT Brazil reaches more than 8000 adolescents per year, being the only project that carries out interventions proven to be effective in preventing smoking in this country!

Thank you to Daiana Godoy from EAT Brazil (for the collaboration), and Mariana Marçal and Cláudia Ribeiro from EAT Portugal NOVA Medical School (for the graphic design).

Written by Paulo Gomes