New Leadership in Homburg: Interview with Carolin Rauter

The next AGT Generation: 20 year old Carolin Rauter, along with her colleague Thore Schade-Mann takes the leadership of the Education against Tobacco organization in Homburg from Fabian Fries und Albert Omlor, both of whom are to get their medical license soon.

I interviewed the young preclinical student to learn more about her motivation:

Caro, why are you investing time in Education against Tobacco?

“Previously, in the first semester, I participated in a meeting for my local AGT group out of interest and was welcomed there warmly. That gave me a chance to work with friendly people in a cordial atmosphere and at the same time do something useful. I find it great that, as medical students, we are able to perform prevention and educational work that is relevant for our target group on equal terms with students, to whom we are much closer to in terms of age, in comparison with parents, teachers and other adults. Every minute that we invest in prevention counts for me, as we are able to awaken health-consciousness in children and youth and thereby prevent subsequent disorders. Therefore I see my time with AGT as a good investment.


What has been your experience so far?

“I was very lucky to be able to work alongside several nice students from different semesters. I treasure this exchange of experiences. Evaluations of the AGT work done by our local group have shown that the feedback from teachers, students, parents and trainees has been entirely positive so far. AGT has been introduced as an elective subject in our Clinical Studies section. What could be a bigger and better incentive to continue?”

What are your plans for the future?

“My next personal goal at present is the preliminary medical examination. After that, a change of university is planned, which, I hope, happens as planned. However, that will not stop me from being involved in AGT, as I also want to continue my work as a tutor for a group. In the long-term perspective, I would like to obtain my doctorate and specialize in my current medical interest in the fields of Psychiatry and Neurology. I am very excited about the future.”

How does your social circle react to your involvement?

“Much more important than the reaction of my personal circle is for me the fact, that our work matters and is accepted where we offer it. Although my interest in AGT was positively received by my circle, it is not my primary motivation. When we are able to make the young people think about their health and their health-related behavior and actively work on it, this means much more to me.”

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