OSCE exams in Jena

For many students of the organization, Eduacation Against Tobacco (EAT) at the medical faculty of Jena, their graduation and conclusion of their involvement in the program is soon approaching. At the moment however, to put their knowledge to the test, the 20 or so volunteers who were part of EAT, are required to advise mock patients about smoking and its implication in an examination of what they have learnt – later down the track, more than 30% of their real patients will benefit from this training. The medical faculty is also a part of the EAT multicenter study for improving teaching on the issue of smoking (Jena, Frankfurt, Gießen, Bonn and Homburg are the other participating universities).


Thank you to all the volunteer graduates, who, despite being in the middle of their university examination period, put in a lot of work to prepare for these additional exams! That’s the spirit!


Participating medical students (photo): Kay Jovana Benecke, Karina Berkholz, Daniel Fabig, Christian Gerdes, Gudrun Maria Henemann, Katharina Hildebrandt, Michael Hönisch, Laura Krojniak, Sophia Theresa Kudelka, Marie-Luise Lauterjung, Moritz Morschhäuser, Daniela Peters, Janosch Hieronymus Valentin Richter, Franziska Sauerteig, Miriam Ruth Schäfer, Julia Schmidt, Svenja Bianca Schmitt, Theresa Storm and Tim Aloys Wegerhoff.