Thore Schade-Mann takes over the leadership of Education against Tobacco, Homburg

The next AGT generation: Thore Schade-Mann (23, photo) is a student in the ninth semester, Medicine in Homburg. As a consequence of his involvement in the local team, the now qualified leader has handed over the task to the new supervisor, who will lead the group into the future along with Caroline Rauter. I interviewed Thore to introduce him to the network and to know him better:

Thore, why are you investing time in Education against Tobacco?

“Smoking is the biggest avoidable cause of diseases and premature deaths in Europe. As a future doctor, I consider it my task not only to cure diseases which have already occurred, but also to have at least as large a part in the prevention. With the AGT I see the possibility to achieve a lot with comparatively low expenditure. To develop concepts, starting in the age group in which many children and adolescents will start smoking cigarettes for the first time, has me convinced.

Medical education is also very close to my heart. I find it important, that doctors are competent contact persons, when it is a question of preventing as well as stopping smoking.”

What are your experiences so far?

“So far, the focus of my work was the school visits and patient interaction. Here I have dedicated myself to auditorium presentations and thereby, among other things, through interviews with COPD-Patients, tried to make the schoolgirls and schoolboys visualize through pictures, what tobacco addiction can lead to in the long run. Meanwhile I work mostly in the administrative area. Through contact with official authorities, e.g. Health authorities, I try to further establish the AGT project throughout Saarland and thus reach more students.


What are your plans for the future?

“For the future, I would hope that we could expand AGT in Homburg even further. As already mentioned, I am trying to sell our idea to schools across Saarland.


Furthermore, I have been working towards a further strengthening of the university elective subject AGT in Homburg. This is not only important for the education of our fellow students, but also offers the possibility of achieving long-term growth.”


How does your social circle react to your involvement?

“The reactions in my circle are generally positive. Not only do the non-smokers welcome a commitment to smoking prevention, but also many smokers. Of the current smokers, many have thought about giving up smoking, therefore our initiative is very much welcomed.”


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