New group founded in Brazil by medical students from Federal University of Paraná (UFPR)

EAT-Brazil team at UFPR, 2019. Front row – Júlia Barbosa, Alexia Duarte, Isabelle Moreira; Back row – Cibele Brandão, Augusto Silva, Rie Maglioni.

EAT was recently launched at Federal University of Paraná (UFPR), Brazil. Our interview with Augusto, who leads the local group, follows below.

Augusto, please introduce yourself and tell us what motivated you to found EAT at UFPR.

My name is Augusto Silva, 22 years old, and I am a medical student at Federal University of Paraná (UFPR). Tobacco use kills 5.1 million people per year, and annual tobacco-related deaths are projected to increase to 8 million by 2030 if we do not get our act together. Unhealthy behavior tends to continue from adolescence into adulthood and, based on this, I wanted to take part in the EAT project for believing that over the medium- and long-term this project may lead adolescents to a healthier lifestyle, helping to reduce the prevalence of tobacco use all over the world.

Augusto, what is the smoking prevalence in your city among adolescents?

Studies suggest that tobacco use among adolescents has reached alarming prevalence in many cities in Brazil. In the city of Curitiba (capital of the state of Paraná), the prevalence of tobacco smoking among young adolescents ranges from 6.3% to 12.6%, according to a Brazilian systematic review.

What are the next steps to effectively start the EAT project at UFPR?

First of all, I am proud to say that we are heading in the right direction. Our group is more motivated than ever. We have finished the training of our team and we have already planned educational interventions with adolescents for the next months. So, we just can’t wait to put what we have learned into practice. No doubt we are going to do a great job!

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