Visit to a Frankfurt high school

Medical students at a Frankfurt high school: ‘Like many local groups we’re pushing ahead in Frankfurt in vocational high schools, middle schools and grammar schools. At grammar schools, smoking doesn’t seem to be such a common thing,’ says Frankfurt supervisor Nadine Farivar Tanha. The visit to the vocational high school was considered enjoyable by all the trainee doctors and school children. ‘Their attention levels were high, they seemed to find the topic interesting,’ said Minh Vu, who coordinated the seminar.


Today there were also visitors from Gießen (on the left in the picture): the chairman of Education Against Tobacco, Titus Brinker, wanted to take a picture of the school visits in Frankfurt and was very pleased with the educational work of the group. ‘It was nice to see in person that our concept is really applicable,’ says Brinker. Youth welfare services representative Sarah Müller, who was also there, gave additional feedback in an email. ‘I’ve got high praise for your fellow students, who really did well. The feedback from the teachers was very positive. I wasn’t able to speak to the children afterwards unfortunately, because I had an important meeting. But I noticed during the presentation that they concentrated well and involved themselves in the subject. And that’s not always the case with two eighth grade classes ;).’


Photo (from left to right): Medical students Titus Brinker, Sarmin Ullah, Minh Vu and Avija Cecile in front of the high school students from Frankfurt they’ve just taught.