Invitation to the Office of the Federal Chancellor

The good news came by post: Angela Merkel was inviting us to the Office of the Federal Chancellor. EAT was among the 25 best charity projects in the Germany-wide ‘startsocial’ competition. A huge achievement for us. At the award ceremony in the beginning of June, we might also be awarded first place. Keep your fingers crossed!


Together we reach about 10,000 school children in the German-speaking world a year. And we’re continuing to grow: by the end of 2015 we want to be established in every German-speaking Faculty of Medicine. Beyond that we’re increasingly offered as an elective module in the Medicine curriculum and are therefore ensuring our longevity.


Representing around 500 medical students, lecturers, doctors and professors, the founders of the now more than 20 university groups in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are given here:


Jonas Alfitian, Martin Bittner, Titus Brinker, Cedric Carl, Cecil Carl, Ramtin Emamgomeh, Carolin Heimes, Claudia Kurek, Fabian Fries, Franziska Gach, Charlotte Großkopf, Lisa Chiara Haunold, Julia Holzapfel, Marco Haertlé, Marlene Heckl, Laura Jung, Andreas Koldehoff, Claudia Kurek, Peer Lauermann, David Manamayil, Richard Mansky, Kilian Meier, Eric Müller, Katharina Sies, Thorben Royeck, Tobias Stark, Katharina Schulz, Eva Roxane Stormanns, Awin Silvaieh, Janina Suhre, Annabelle Wagner, Nadine Farivar Tanha, Tharusan Thevathasan, Tania Weber and Murat Yildiz.

Thanks also go to colleagues at make relations; Harald Kling and Jan Schamari, the German Centre for Lung Research and our advisory board (particularly Dr Werner Seeger and Dr David Gronerberg), Dr Gabriela Krasteva-Krist, colleagues at Plexworks (particularly Max Vollmer), Dr. Joachim Kamp, Stefan Sittig (illustrator), as well as our startsocial coaches Dr Michael Kröner, Pascal Zimmer and Beatrice Krieger.

More information: