MMSA UMY & EAT Talk Show “Live a Longer Life by Loving Your Lungs”

At 5th June, Education Against Tobacco (EAT) joined Muhammadiyah Medical Students’ Activities – Universitas Muhammadyah Yogyakarta (MMSA UMY) in Indonesia to a late celebration of World No Tobacco Day with the talk show “Live a Longer Life by Loving Your Lungs”. 

This talkshow was moderated by Ashifa Gita P., member of Public Health Committee of MMSA UMY, and it counted with Paulo Gomes, International Coordinator of EAT, as the main speaker.

During one hour, Paulo discussed many topics like the dangers behind novel products with nicotine (heated tobacco devices and electronic cigarettes), the manipulation strategies used by tobacco companies to target young people and the environmental consequences of tobacco consumption.

Finally, he answered some questions of the audience and gave some tips for people who want to quit smoking.

We thank again MMSA UMY for the invitation!

For a life free of tobacco! 🚭