Reestablishment at the Faculty of Medicine, Hamburg (UKE) by Marcel Seungsu Woo

Second day of my placement in nephrology, visit to the dialysis ward, suddenly the attending physician had to go to the ICU and for first time I had to conduct the visits alone.


In the first room, I went to see patient R. Without a larynx, communication is only possible through a writing board, and the patient has amputated toes. Being a heavy smoker for more than forty years led to the need for dialysis among other things.


“I’ve always had a lot of reasons to take action against smoking, however this terrifying sight was the trigger to finally start”, says Marcel.


Marcel Seungsu Woo is 19 years old, in the 5th semester at the UKE and PhD Scholar of the German National Academic Foundation.

“In medical studies, much is taught about how best to treat diseases, and for many diseases, the best treatment is to prevent the occurrence. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable illness and cases of death, therefore our team members want to take responsibility as students and help curb this preventable disease. ”


And why only this program?


“After research on the internet on how to actively proceed against smoking, I came across the AGT and liked the concept very much. The interactive design with the students and the possibility of enabling their contact with patients who have already experienced the complications due to smoking, seems to me a very effective and sustainable way. ”


What is to be communicated to the target groups?

“They must be made aware especially of how pointless smoking is – for every age group. In youth, it’s about pimples, stench, little money and bad at sports, later the bronchial carcinoma. Ultimately we are working on age-appropriate education, so that the students greatly reduce the risk of many diseases for themselves and their fellow citizens.”


What are the plans for the AGT Hamburg?


“As beginners, first of all it is important to establish a functioning infrastructure and to seek contact with supporters and schools. However, I am very sure and confident that we can begin with the first lectures in Hamburg schools soon. The team is ambitious to reach as many students as possible and looking forward to the new challenge. ”

Here is more information about the group.